CONTRACT for ADOPTION - Austin Dog Rescue

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I am over 18 years of age and hereby enter in to this contract with Austin Dog Rescue.

Whereas, Austin Dog Rescue, a non-profit corporation, in consideration for a minimum adoption donation of $220 for dogs estimated to be over 5 months, and $250 for puppies estimated to be less than 5 months old, was paid and hereby acknowledged, fully assigns and releases to the undersigned individual (Owner) the ownership of, and full responsibility and liability for, the canine personal property (Dog) with the following conditions.

DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTY: I understand that Austin Dog Rescue makes NO guarantees, warranties, or representations whatsoever as to the health, temperament, lineage, habits, behavior or other aspects of this Dog except as set forth in this contract. This Dog is transferred in an “AS IS” condition and OWNER is responsible for ALL MEDICAL EXPENSES from this date forward. Austin Dog Rescue expressly disclaims any warranty, implied or express, including but not limited to any warranty of merchantability and warranty of fitness for any purpose. Every dog Austin Dog Rescue takes in that is six months and older is tested for heartworms. The dog can test negative at the time of intake and may test positive 6 months later. The adopter is responsible for treatment.

As of this date Owner accepts at his/her own risk, this Dog, and accepts all legal liability of ownership, and releases Austin Dog Rescue and its officers, directors, employees, volunteers and representatives, as well as their heirs and legal representatives of any liability related to this Dog. Owner expressly releases and agrees to hold harmless Austin Dog Rescue, its officers, directors, volunteers, and representatives, as well as their heirs and legal representatives, from ALL CLAIMS he/she ever had, or now has, or may have, involving or related in any way to the Dog described above. In addition, owner, with the intention of binding himself/herself, his/her spouse, heirs and legal representatives, expressly release and discharge Austin Dog Rescue, its officers, directors, volunteers, and representatives, as well as their heirs from all claims, demands, actions, or causes of action that Owner ever had, now has, or may have, known or unknown, against Austin Dog Rescue, its officers, directors, volunteers, and representatives in any capacity, created by or arising out of their possession and ownership of the Dog. The Owner warrants that he/she understands and agrees to accept and abide by the following restrictions as a condition making this contract and of accepting assignment of the Dog from Austin Dog Rescue.

If any part of this Agreement is declared invalid, illegal, or inoperative for any reason, the remaining parts shall remain effective and fully operative, and any Court so interpreting this agreement and any provision in it is urged to construe intent of the parties accordingly.

This agreement shall be governed, construed and interpreted by, through and under the laws of the State of Texas. Owner represents that he/she understands the information stated above and agrees to accept the Dog subject to all conditions, circumstances and risks that may result from the above-recited information.


  • Return or Repossession: Owner agrees that he/she MAY NOT TRANSFER ownership or possession of the Dog to anyone without first allowing Austin Dog Rescue the right of first refusal, and at Austin Dog Rescue’s discretion, to either reclaim, release or approve change in ownership. Any dog returned after 90 days may be required to undergo a behavior evaluation prior to being accepted by Austin Dog Rescue.

  • Use of Crate:Have a crate in place upon the dogs arrival and use the crate for adult dogs a minimum of 60 days and for puppies no less than 12 months or until maturity is reached.

  • Exam by Veterinarian:Have the dog examined by a licensed veterinarian no less than 30 days of adoption.

  • Outdoor Supervision:The dog is to live as an indoor dog only and not be left outdoors while the owner is away from home, and ever left outdoors in any type of inclement weather, including extreme heat, cold or rain.

  • Microchip/Other Identification:Keep micro chip contact information current with the pet recovery service and Austin Dog Rescue at all times; provide an identification tag with the owners current phone number which the dog will wear at all times.

  • Monthly Preventatives:Keep the dog current on monthly preventatives and annual vaccinations by having the dog examined annually by a veterinarian.

  • Food and Care:Provide the dog with quality food, clean water, grooming, exercise, positive human interaction, and humane treatment.

  • No Chaining/Tethering:The dog will never be chained or tied outdoors.

  • Unfenced in Area: The dog is never allow to roam off leash and unsupervised in unfenced areas.

  • Gates and Fences: Gates and fences will be checked on a regular bases for loose boards or gaps under fences and gates.

  • Transporting:The dog will never be allowed to ride in the bed of a truck except inside a crate that has been securely attached to the truck; will be secured in a crate or with the use of a seat belt when transported inside a vehicle.

  • Change of Address or Phone:Agree to notify the Director of Adoptions of Austin Dog Rescue of any change of address or phone number prior to the owner moving.

NON-REFUNDABLE CONSIDERATION: I agree that the sum of money exchanged for the assignment of this Dog will NOT be REFUNDED after SEVEN (7) days from the date this contract for any reason what so ever unless a rare exception is requested by the Adoption Coordinator and approved by the Executive Director prior to adoption. Exceptions MUST be noted under Additional Notes.

NSF FEES: Austin Dog Rescue accepts checks, money orders, and payments via credit card. If a check is returned payment in full plus a $25 fee must be made within 7 days by money order or cashier's check only in order to avoid void legal proceedings to recover the dog.

Initial you agree with these terms:

RESOURCES for Success: I have or will read and abide by the recommendations contained on our RESOURCES FOR SUCCESS page and any information verbally or in writing that is provided by an ADR Representative. I will receive the Adopter Information Sheet regarding the follow up care my newly adopted dog may need or require. If I do not received the Adopter Information Sheet at the time I take ownership of my dog, I will notifiy the Director of Adoptions.


Whether being trained by owner or other individuals, only positive reinforcement methods will be used. The owner or any other individual will never use a shock collar on this dog. If a behavior issues arises, you agree to consult with and pay for private or group lessons from a reputable positive reinforcement trainer. Our list recommended TRAINERS can be found on our website.


By typing in your FIRST and LAST NAME, and submitting this legally binding contract, you agree to all the terms listed above. Your electronic signature has the same legal effect as your original, hand-written signature.


Once you submit this contract you will be redirected to our secure payment gateway on our website where you can pay either by debit or credit card..